About Sleeperdude

My name is Josh but you can call me Sleeperdude!

I grew up on a cattle and tobacco farm in middle Tennessee, raised by car enthusiast. I got my first car at age 9 a 63 Chevy II nova and have been wrenching and resurrecting them ever since.

I quit my twenty year auto body technician job in 2022 to pursue my YouTube full-time. We have been doing YouTube videos since 2008, but we are now on a full-time basis. This change has allowed me and my family to spend more time together on our journey to get these cars back up and driving.

We enjoy getting them running, doing upgrades, and engine swaps. I have an unusual obsession with ugly 80s cars.

My wife and I have three children (Wawa, Ralphie, and Squeezy) and we have been buying, resurrecting, flipping, and racing cars since 2005. We also have a farm of animals who participate with our projects.

Josh aka sleeperdude
Josh aka sleeperdude